Kayla Percy - LEAH Nursing Fellow 2017-2018

Nursing grad student Kayla Percy discusses her two missions with Doctors Without Borders

By HUB Staff

For Kayla Percy, there wasn't much time to get her bearings at the camp in South Sudan before she was called to action. On her second day as a nursing supervisor for a small, 35-bed hospital in rebel territory, the International Committee of the Red Cross brought for treatment that same number of injured rebel soldiers—several with gunshot wounds.

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Maria Trent Named President-Elect of of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine

Maria Trent, a professor of pediatrics and director of the Interdisciplinary Training-Leadership in Adolescent Health Program, has been selected as president-elect of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Trent's term as president-elect began in March, after the conclusion of the organization's 2018 annual meeting. She will become president at the annual meeting in 2019.

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Pushing PrEP to Reduce HIV Risk

By Karen Blum on 05/26/2017

Amidst the children’s artwork decorating Renata Arrington-Sanders’ office door is a black and white poster from the Baltimore City Health Department featuring a young African-American man sporting tattoos and a fur vest: “Have balls,” it reads. “Get tested.”

The message is salient for Arrington-Sanders, an adolescent medicine and HIV specialist who, during pediatrics training, became interested in working with 15- to 24-year-olds, a time period she views as a “tipping point to either go in the right direction or not.” During an adolescent medicine fellowship at Johns Hopkins, Arrington-Sanders saw a number of HIV-positive youth. “What struck me was the challenges that they had to deal with, particularly around their sexual identity and behavior, and how not being accepted or being marginalized really creates an environment of negativity toward oneself resulting in adverse health outcomes.”

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