History of the Program

The Adolescent Health Program resides within the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and is located in the Rubenstein Child Health Building which is attached to and directly across the street from the new Charlotte R Bloomberg Children’s Hospital. The Division of General Pediatrics was founded in 1979 by Dr. Catherine DeAngelis, Dr. Modena Wilson and Dr. Alain Joffe, who were the first faculty members. In 1981, Dr. Joffe began the Adolescent Medicine Program at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

At that time, the program consisted of a half day per week clinic. The two residents assigned to the adolescent rotation alternated two weeks in the adolescent clinic and two weeks on the in-patient service. Over the next five years, the adolescent clinic expanded to providing services all day every day and the program added the college- and school-based health centers to its list of responsibilities. Dr. Hoover Adger joined the adolescent program as the second adolescent medicine faculty member in 1984. The program grew with the recruitment of Drs. Michele Wilson, Anne Bruner, Jonathan ElIen and Maria Trent who helped to expand the research agenda and established a focus on sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.

In 2001, the program was established as the Section of Adolescent Medicine in acknowledgement of our relationship and organization within the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and the focus on interdisciplinary care for adolescents was strengthened. Concurrently, our broader focus and concentration on issues related to health disparities was sharpened. In 2006, the program was successful in securing funding from the NIH’s NICHD to further support the fellows in our research agenda. Additionally, in 2007, the program was successful in being awarded funding from HRSA as one of seven national adolescent health programs, through receipt of a Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) award designed to educate the next generation of leaders in the fields of medicine,psychology, nursing, nutrition, and social work. The Section of Adolescent Medicine maintained an active LEAH program for two cycles. The Section of Adolescent Medicine currently has five full-time board certified faculty members who are specialists in Adolescent Medicine as well as an outstanding core of faculty members in the areas of psychology, nursing, nutrition,and social work. All are involved in research, teaching, and clinical or other service activities.In addition, the Section has core clinical staff members including an adolescent clinical nurse specialist, a dedicated adolescent social worker, a dedicated adolescent nurse practitioner and nutritionist. The Section also has an administrator, program administrator, and a strong research infrastructure. All these core staff members support the training and research activities of the Section. The Section also houses the Adolescent Health Promotion Research Training Program (T32). In 2006, Dr. Jonathan Ellen was awarded a T32 from NICHD to train physicians in the Adolescent Medicine fellowship program in research. The current PI for the program is Dr. Maria Trent. The award supports one new Adolescent Medicine fellow each year. Fellows supported on the T32 generally complete a year of clinical training supported by the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine and then enter the research training portion of the program for 2-3 years of research-related training. The fellows funded by the T32 work in synergy with all fellows in the ACGME accredited Adolescent Medicine training program and all of the discipline specific trainees and pre- and post-doctoral fellows in affiliated program.